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Handicap Category Adjustment Rates

1 Up to 5.4 0.1
2 5.5 to 12.4 0.2
3 12.5 to 20.4 0.3
4 20.5 to 28 0.4

Handicaps can be higher than Club Handicaps.

No adjustment for scores falling in the buffer zone ranging from 29 to 38.
Handicap is increased by category rate for scores of 28 and below, up to a maximum 28 Handicap
Handicap is reduced by number of strokes above 36 multiplied by category rate. e.g. Player with a handicap of 24.4 scores 40 points. His handicap is reduced by (40-36) x 0.4 = 1.6 strokes to 22.8

No handicap can be reduced by more than 4 strokes below Club Handicap
Note: When a handicap is reduced so that it goes from a higher category to a lower category, it will be reduced at the higher category rate until it brings the handicap into the lower category; the balance of the reduction will be at the lower category rate.
e.g. A player on 21.2 returns a score 6 strokes below his playing handicap of 21, his exact handicap is reduced as follows:

21.2 - (2 x 0.4) = 20.4 (this takes him into Category 3)
20.4 - (2 x 0.3) = 19.8 (new playing handicap is 20)

Visitors/New Players

Colleagues or friends of regular players are welcome, however they cannot participate in the kitty until their names are entered on to this web site. i.e. until they are more than just casual players.

New players must have a demonstrable CONGU handicap otherwise they play off of 18.

No "Gimmies" allowed, all balls must be putted out. No dropped balls, normal rules of golf apply. No relief from divots on the fairways, except under winter rules.

You may still drop a ball (under penalty) if your ball enters a lateral water hazard or is positively identified as entering a hazard (
If you are not sure, play a provisional.